Our Company

With offices in Texas, Althea Publishers is the result of the merge between Diaz Educational Group, COMPUVISION and Althea Systems. This merge allows our companies to offer our clients better services and products, as well as improved quality for the El-Hi markets.
Diaz Educational Group and COMPUVISION are companies specialized in developing integrated editorial projects with a textbook orientation in fields such as Reading,


Language Arts and specialty areas that include subject areas such as Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.
Althea Systems is a company specialized in developing educational software in different platforms and content development like e-learning courses, Ipad and PC Software.

What we do

We develop bilingual educational programs for all grade levels: from design and illustration of pages to writing teacher and student lessons. Throughout these years, we have developed books and software to support parents involved in bilingual education and English Language Learning. All the educational programs are supported with APPs for IPAD, Android and Web APPs.


Integrated Process


Top-notch designers, experienced in editorial projects, create original page designs that give our projects a new and fresh look.


Recognized illustrators from all over the world working in coordination with designers and authors provide a very interesting cultural diversity to our projects.

Original writing/rewriting

High quality original writing or rewriting, as required, is the task of authors and editors with diverse backgrounds, capabilities and experience in developing textbooks for elementary, middle and high school.


Fluent bilingual translators, working with highly experienced editors assure the perfection of the language.


Experienced editors make sure that the language is used in a standard way, reviewing the lexical variations appropriate for the target market, as well as the most common grammatical preferences of the audience.

Technical revision

Experts in the subject review the translation for technical accuracy and the correct use of specialized terms.

Page composition

Typesetters build pages based on industry standards, following the specifications required by our client. For translation projects, we follow the original language page layout in order to obtain the same visual effect, content structure and page quantity.


Experienced proofreaders read every page as many times as needed to ensure that all the corrections required have been reflected in every page.

Software development

applications development based on the educational content previously designed. Software developed for IPAD, PC, Web, etc.

Quality Control

Quality Control Department implements a checklist in different parts of the process that allows the detection of possible errors from manuscript to final files release.