Description of the Empowerment Programs.

The program was designed for students arriving from abroad who do not speak English, that have trouble in the basic concepts of the elementary grades.
This program is a group of integrated tools that allows teachers to assist new comers or any student with academic deficiencies in elementary grades and do not speak English at a proper level, to be able to make the transition into their new school curriculum.

The main goal of these programs is to acquire the academic concepts in English that students need to be able to function in mainstream classes, and achieving a better level of proficiency.
The programs are divided into two parts: Acquisition of vocabulary and Acquisition of concepts.
All material is 100% correlated to Common Core State Standards.

Benefits from Mobile Technology for Student Instruction

The most commonly expected benefits from adopting mobile technology for student instruction are engaging for students, personalization of instruction to meet the needs of different students, interactive learning and student-directed learning.
Our apps are designed to meet all these expected benefits.

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This program is ideal for:

-Leveling newcomers arriving in middle and high school.
-Reviewing key concepts in Math, Science, and Social Studies for students in ESL I and ESL II.
-Enriching vocabulary
-Involving parents in the learning process.
-Supporting the transition process from Spanish into English in the key concepts of each subject area.

The Apps

This program comes with Apps that have lessons to review key concepts and practice, one for each core area.

These App´s are not just practice e-books. They take the student by the hand in a sequential and orderly manner, to acquire or review all the key concepts in each area. In addition to reviewing and aiding in the acquisition of these key concepts, these Apps help students to relate the definitions read in their native language to the term in English. This process is a good first step in the transition from the student’s native language Spanish—to the language the student will now need to learn, English.

App´s characteristics

A great tool to involve parents in the solution of the weaknesses of their children (English / Spanish).

Interactive, intuitive, self-study. Student can launch and navigate within the app independently.

The APP includes multiple-choice reading tests, student writing collections, listening and speaking practice. Support to TELPAS.

Ease of identifying weaknesses in the student (pre-test), easy to keep track (lessons and quizzes) and resolve the deficiencies at the right time. Ease of control of student progress (post-test).

A great tool to improve the results in AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress).

Feedback is specific and results in improved student performance; data is available electronically to student and teacher.

Skills reinforced are strongly connected to the targeted skill or concept (TEKS).

The APP´s have interaction with students in five different ways:

- Reading - Listening (lesson content and yourself) - Writing - Speaking - Different types of Practice / Quizzes and feedback to teachers Each lesson has the entire text with audio in English and Spanish.

The lessons and key terms have examples, images, illustrations, spelling, audio.

The quizzes results and practices can be sent by email to teachers or it can be printed.

The entire book, text and audio, is completely in English and Spanish.

You can switch from English to Spanish and vice versa at any time, anywhere in the book, without losing your progress or being lost in the book.

The Apps are available in IPAD and Internet accessible with any web browser.

Studying and Practicing

The program Take the student in a step-by-step review of the key concepts that he or she should have acquired in elementary school. The topics are organized in a logical manner to enable students to acquire this knowledge. They also drive the student to relate the term in English to the definition of each concept. This is very helpful for students to understand the new concepts being introduced in middle or high school.

Parts of each lesson

Each lesson contains three basic parts: Explanation of the topic, Study of key terms, and Practice. The manner in which these parts are ordered depends on each subject area.

Explanation of the topic: In this section the student will find the explanation of the topic covered in the lesson. The student should read this section carefully to review the topic and to acquire new knowledge.

As can be seen on the sample page, the topic is developed and words in English appear in Italics (Key Terms).

Study of key terms: This section invites students to review the key terms found in the lesson. These terms are found in Italics for ease of use. The student may not know the meaning of the term. So he or she will need to go to the Glossary or to click on the Key Term, to find the definitions, example and spelling of the term. There he or she will find the term and its translation in Spanish, along with the page where the definition is to be found. At this time, the student would have already related the term in English with its equivalent term in Spanish.


The program includes a Glossary or dictionary in the core areas of Math, Science, Social Studies, and Reading. The dictionary includes all the terms and words a student needs to know to exit the elementary grades. This is a resource that students can use in class to check out any question that may come up.